Twelve years have passed since Garrett first stood in the ancient archway of the Castle. Twelve years since his boots last scuffed its stony halls, since he breathed its musty air. He was much younger then. A child. But he was no mere child now. Conqueror, say some. Hero. Villain. Monster. History has but one name for this man—Legend.

War ravages this world. For centuries it was believed all humans lived in cities built among the clouds. The surface of the planet was too cold for humans, they thought. Only the monsters lived there—primordial predators of ice and snow. How little they knew. For hundreds of years a society thrived at the base of a mountain. These people, cut off from the rest of the world for so long, were now fighting for the right to exist. The outside world that they never knew made demands they could not meet. Demands they would not meet. The cold protected them from the outside for so long. It was their greatest ally, and with enemies all around they need its help more than ever. And now a great shadow begins to cast itself across this shattered world. . .

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Midnight Sojourn